Upcoming Vinyl Kits

Tully, Tolliver & Shellden


Introducing the little Brownies Tully and Tolliver sculpted for me by the amazing Lauren Jaimes. Brownies are little enchanted creatures that live under human dwellings, in vast underground tunnels. They come out at night to their human homes to fix broken things and clean. If you leave various ingredients out for them they’ll even bake delicious desserts for you. Never the same thing twice. However, if you make them angry or annoyed they will come out and booby-trap your house instead of cleaning it, until you make amends.
Lauren Jaimes caught the essence of both sides of the Brownies personality with Tully the sweet keeper of the house, and the little mischievous Tolliver who loves to sets booby-traps.
They love to cruise around on their pet snail Shellden, sculpted by myself Sarah Mellman. Tully and Tolliver are 10 -11 inches tall, Sheldon 8 inches at his tallest. Tully and Tolliver fit perfectly in the crook of Shellden’s neck.
These little mischief makers will be ready for Preorders Late May 2019

Tully is the 7th EKK kit produced
Tolliver is the 8th EKK kit produced
and Shellden the 9th EKK kit produced



Baby Hugo
Another little Dragon is flying off to the factory to begin the process of becoming a vinyl kit. Baby Hugo was sculpted by myself, he is just a little guy, he’s 10 inches head to toe, and 8 inches sitting. He will have a 9 piece kit (head, arms, legs, tail, torso, and wings) that pops together without a cloth body. He takes 20 mm eyes which will be stocked for him with dragon retinas. He is full of fun detail and personality. He loves to cuddle things, small stuffies, and his tail!💗I can’t wait to see him come to vinyl!!
Hugo will be ready for Preorders Early July 2019

A little sneaky peak of a new sculpt that is in the process of becoming a vinyl kit.
Introducing Sylvan, a fussy little fawn, sculpted by Marjoline Barge. Sylvan will be a 6 piece vinyl kit with a cloth inner body.
Fawns are enchanted little creatures who resemble part human part deer. They like the solitude of the quiet forest. Little Sylvan is fussing because something has woken him from a nap.
This poor little chap needs a hug.
Sylvan is 17 inches long, head to hoof.
Sylvans preorders are projected to be around the mid June into early July.
Sylvan will be the 11th EKK kit produced

Princess Atlantyss
We are excited to share a glimpse of one of Cindy Musgrove's newest sculpts. Sweet little Atlantyss is the first of her kind to make it into vinyl. She is a baby seahorse, or a merhorse. Atlantyss will be 20 inches long when assembled. 
We are excited to see this little one splash her way into vinyl. Preorders for Princess Atlantyss will be Summer 2019.

Little Colliope
Another Must have from the talented hands of Cindy Musgrove. Little Colliope is the first of her kind in vinyl. She is a baby Squidling. Colliope will be about 12 inches long when assembled. Colliope will be ready for preorders Summer 2019

Deep in the Enchanted Forest, at the top of the Elvin trees, are born the Batlings💗 These wee little babies are friends to fantasy kind and humans alike. They love to perch on your shoulder and whisper in your ear. You’ll never be lost with a Batling pet! These little bitties are small but feisty.
Introducing Pandora the Batling, sculpted by Cindy Musgrove . She has the spunk of a whole universe all wrapped up in cuteness!
Pandora is 8 inches long when complete. A perfect Pocket sized imp. 
Pandora is heading off to the factory with Atlantyss and Colliope. 
Pandora will be a tiny 6-8 piece kit depending on how the factory does her wings. Pandora will be ready for preorders later Summer 2019