Upcoming Vinyl Kits


Introducing the Rhynn.
She was lovingly sculpted by Wendy Dickison.
Rhynn is the 3rd in our Sea Babies series, following Princess Atlantyss, and Colliope.
This little trio will be the jewel of many fantasy lovers' collections. 
Rhynn will measure about 24 inches in length from top of her head to the tip of her tail fin. She was sculpted to be the size of a newborn baby.
No detail was overlooked on sweet little Rhynn. The fins connected to her ears, and the webbed fingers are a mark of Wendy's skill in creating this little beauty.
Rhynn will come as a 6 piece vinyl kit with a cloth inner body that connects her together, allowing her to be cuddly and posable.

She is currently at the factory in the molding process. She should be ready for preorders around April 2020

Additional Enchanted Kreature Kits 
Coming 2020

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Stay tuned for more images and updates!